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Last Updated: 4 July 2018

This Data Protection and Privacy Policy together with our Terms and Conditions relates solely to information that we collect from you or the information that is supplied by you on this website (, to us via emails and applications and any website that is related to the IRS International Recruitment Services Group (IRS) of companies. We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our website visitors; in this privacy policy we explain how we collect, store, use, process, share and protect personal date/information that we receive and how we will comply with our legal obligations to you.

Please spend the time to read the following carefully.


IRS International Recruitment Services (IRS) is a leading IT and Engineering staffing solution specialist, dedicated to connecting IT & Engineering professionals from all over the world to projects and positions within Europe and across the Middle East. With offices in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, IRS provides recruitment services to a variety of companies ranging from multi-national corporations to small and medium size companies alike.

Specializing in the delivery of talented professionals for short and long term project based contracts, permanent and temporary positions as well as fixed term employment contracts.

Individuals, businesses and organisations use the IRS website to recruit or be recruited. Individuals will visit the IRS website in a bid to enhance their careers or look for job opportunities. Each individual can upload their CV which will include them actively submitting personal data/information onto this IRS website about themselves. Please be aware that this data/information will be stored on servers in Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA.

IRS does not take for granted the trust visitors to the IRS website places in it when they submit their personal data/information on the IRS website and at IRS we are committed to protecting and safeguarding your data/information privacy rights.

For already registered candidates and visitors whom have uploaded their CVs before the revision date, please note that this Privacy Policy will come effective thirty (30) days after the posted revision date above.

Scope of this policy

For the purposes of this privacy policy, “IRS” or “us” or “we” means a registered company within the IRS International Recruitment Services Group, if you are an individual, university, company or organisation located anywhere in the world and using the IRS website.

This privacy policy applies to the website, the related sites, apps, all communications and services (“Services”), including ads services and the usage and development of any IRS plugins.

This privacy policy applies to data/information that we will collect through or use on the IRS website application owned and controlled by the IRS International Recruitment Services Group, and/or its affiliated companies or entities.

IRS will strictly adhere to and abide by the basic principles in the protection of your personal data/information.

Any personal data/information provided by you to IRS International Recruitment Services Group (“IRS”) through this website and via email to an email address ending shall be used solely to provide you with the services offered by on the internet for which you have registered and/or uploaded your CV.

If you upload your CV or use our services by submitting to us your personal data/information, you expressly consent to the collection, usage, disclosure, storage and processing of your personal data/information under this Privacy Policy (which includes our Cookie Policy and other documents referenced in this Privacy Policy) and voluntarily accept and agree to the User Agreement.

IRS will provide you with the option to have your CV and personal date/information removed from within our database if you are unhappy at any stage with how we collect, store, use, process and transfer your data/information.

  1. What information we collect
  2. Information we collect from others
  3. Your CV
  4. How we use your Personal Information
  5. Cookies, Clickstream, Web Beacon, IP, Tracking
  6. How we keep your personal data safe
  7. Choices & Obligations
  8. Changes to our Privacy Policy
  9. Right to withdraw consent
  10. Contact Us

1. What information do we collect?

In order for us to fulfil our contractual obligations towards you, for example, for us to be able to suggest suitable positions, projects, contacts, services and information to you, the processing of your personal data/information is extremely important.

You will be required to provide us with certain personal data/information (information that identifies an individual either alone or in combination with other data). IRS will also collect data/information that could be classified as non-personal information that will not, by itself, identify an individual person. When non-personal information is combined with other information so that it does identify a person, we will treat that combination as personal data or personal information.

IRS has offices globally. Being a globally operated company is one of the reasons why we are able to offer the different services that we do and in the different territories. In order for us to continue offering these services, we will have to transfer or store your personal data/information internationally. Any personal data/information voluntarily given to or submitted by you to IRS may be shared with or transferred to any IRS affiliated entity (including those located outside the European Union and Switzerland).

We may collect, process, store, use and transfer the following kinds of personal data/information or relevant derivatives that will be processed through our offices worldwide and stored on servers in Germany, UK and the USA, including, but not limited to.

  • Information that you provide to us for the purpose of registering with IRS as a job seeker, including your name, date of birth, gender, home address, telephone numbers, email address, nationality, immigration status, password, a photo and information contained on your Curriculum Vitae (“CV”) such as your education and professional experience, current remuneration as well as you place of employment.
  • Information about your computer or mobile device and about your visits to and use of the IRS website/portal, such as but not limited to your browser type, operating system, IP address, geographical location, referral source, length of visit and number of page viewed.
  • Information that you provide to us for the purpose of subscribing to our website services, applying for jobs, sending invitations, email notifications and/or newsletters.
  • Information you import from your calendar and address book, including your contacts and service provider(s).
  • Information about your connections and your employment status, interests and preferences.
  • Information you submit when sending invitations, responding to surveys, posting a question, posting an answer, posting a rating or posting a review.
  • Information from you that build your online profile presence that will help us to provide you with more customised services.
  • Information when you contact us for customer support.
  • and any other information that you choose to upload onto the IRS website or send to us.

Please be aware that we may collect, store, process, use and transfer your data/information outside the country of your residence.

By uploading your CV, accessing and/or using this website, you expressly consent to the collection, usage, disclosure, storage, processing and transfer of your personal data/information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

If you do not agree to our collection, usage, disclosure, storage, processing and transfer of your personal data/information that has been detailed in this Privacy Policy, then please do not upload your CV or do not submit any personal data/information about yourself to IRS or the IRS website.

2. Information we collect from others

Although IRS will have links to external websites, please be aware that IRS has absolutely no control of and is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of those other external (third party) websites. Should you click on such links, you will leave the IRS website. Please make sure you read and accept the privacy policies of those third party websites in order to understand how they collect, store, use and share your data/information.

You may also be able to send your CV to IRS by using third-party websites including, but not limited to, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ etc. You have the ability to disable the connection between your third-party account and the IRS website at any time by accessing your privacy settings on your third-party account.

  • We collect data/information when you use your account to sign in to a third-party website or applications that allow you to use their websites and/or services.
  • We collect data/information when you visit a third-party site that allows us to attach our social plugins and cookies.
  • We collect data/information when you sign in to IRS through third-party accounts, for e.g. through your Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ accounts.
  • We will use this information to personalize the functionality we provide on third-party sites, including providing you insights from your professional network and allowing you to share information with your network. We may provide reports containing aggregated impression information to companies hosting our plugins and similar technologies to help them measure traffic to their websites, but no personal.
  • We receive personal data about you when you use the services of our customers and partners, such as prospective employers and applicant tracking systems providing us job application data.

3. Your CV

You will also have the option to voluntarily upload your Curriculum Vitae (“CV”) to IRS. A completed CV with the personal data/information you fill out will help you get more benefit from the services we offer. We will use this data/information to help other recruiters, companies, organisations and business partners find you. However, should you decide to upload or send your CV to IRS, you understand that access to your CV and all the information on your CV will be visible to other recruiters, companies or organisations depending on the subscription clients or companies have for the usage of our services.

The following personal data/information and any data/information that you have voluntarily uploaded or filled out in your personal CV and all that you have specified to be made available for IRS to send to recruiters, companies and organisations include:
Your photograph, your first name and surname, your gender, your professional status, your current position, your place of employment, the industry in which you are employed, your city and country of abode, your city and country of employment.

You understand that, by uploading your CV on the IRS portal, you will be able to be identified by IRS employees around the world. Please do not SEND or SUBMIT your CV or any personal data to IRS that you would not want it to be seen.

4. How we use your Personal Information

To use this website correctly and for it to be of benefit to you, you must first upload your CV or send us your CV via email. Your personal data/information on your CV that would be seen by others and utilised by us as described in this privacy policy and our terms and conditions of use. The personal data/information that you provide to us may give us or allow others to identify aspects of your life that are not specifically indicated on your profile. At IRS we will collect, use and process your personal data/information in the following ways, including, but not limited to:

  • Allow you to be contacted to regarding vacancies which may be suitable for you.
  • Provide you with educational opportunities.
  • Enable you to submit your CV and apply for jobs that are advertised on this website.
  • Subscribe to job alerts that may be of interest to you.
  • Provide you with the recruitment services of our other members, clients and partners.
  • Actively recommend you to recruiters, employers, clients and companies that may be interested in contacting you.
  • Your information to clients in order to apply for jobs or to assess your eligibility for jobs through this website for the purpose of job applications or to assess your eligibility for vacant jobs.
  • Third parties, to provide services that you or other members, clients or partners have requested such as references, skill tests, qualifications, psychometric evaluations and criminal background checks.
  • Help provide recruiting services to employers, agencies and recruiters on/through this website.
  • Help you facilitate the recruitment process through this portal.
  • Help you to participate in interactive features of our service.
  • Notify others that you have updated your profile over this website.
  • To help us offer our full range of recruitment services to you (permanent, temporary, and freelance).
  • Help you match talent to positions and positions to talent from this portal.
  • Communicate and contact you through email, apps, text messages, pop-up messages, banners, posted notices on our websites as well as other services including mobile text messages.
  • Help you communicate and keep you updated with colleagues, partners, clients, and other contacts.
  • Regards the security of this portal or to prevent potentially illegal activities.
  • Help us customise and improve the features and offerings on this website.
  • Help us improve our performance, internal operations and the support of the website.
  • Help us improve our data analysis, troubleshooting, testing, research, and services.
  • Provide reports containing aggregated impression information to companies hosting our plugins.
  • Regulatory, law enforcement agencies or court order, if we are required by law to disclose it.
  • Help us maintenance, analyse, audit, marketing and development our Services, we may employ third party companies.
  • Help for other purposes that you specifically authorize us to do.

In order for IRS to maintain, analyse, audit, market, sell, develop and improve our products and services, IRS may employ or use affiliates or third party companies which may include (but not be limited to) service providers and vendors. These third party companies may have access to your information only to perform their tasks on our behalf.

From time to time we may seek your consent to process, use or disclose your information for any other purpose that has not been listed above.

IRS reserves the right to transfer your information to a third party in the event of a sale, merger, liquidation, receivership or transfer of all or substantially all of the assets of our company provided that the third party agrees to adhere to the terms of this Privacy Policy

5. Cookies, Clickstream, Web Beacon, IP, Tracking

The IRS website uses several automatic data collection tools and techniques including cookies (as explained in our cookies policy), clickstream and web beacons.


Cookies are small files which are stored on a user’s computer or device. Cookies enable us to store specific information related to you, for example, they can help us analyse your usage frequency, the behavioural patterns of visitors to our website. Cookies also give us information that will allow us to monitor our security and improve the content of the services that we can offer our visitors. We will use or share the information we receive from cookies with business partners, advertisers and other third parties for any business purpose. You can edit the settings of your browser to prevent cookies from being stored or you can remove cookies through your browser settings and other tools at any time.


We may collect the “clickstream” data/information of users during their visit to the IRS site. A clickstream is the recording of the parts of the screen a computer user clicks on while using a web browsing or another software application. We will track and analyse clickstream data/information using big data analytics to help us generate reports which in return will provide you with better services and product offerings. We may also use the data/information that we received form clickstream to share with third parties.

Web Beacon

Web Beacons are also known as internet tags, pixel tags, tracking pixels, and clear GIFs, they are image files or links to image files added to website code which allow other third parties to collect data/information such as the IP address of the device, the URL of the web page where the web beacon appears. It collects data/information about the exact time that the page containing the web beacon was viewed, the type of browser used, and any additional information in cookies that may have been set by the third party. We use web beacons to analyse the number of people who use our website or, if the user’s e-mail program allows HTML, to determine whether and when an e-mail was opened. We also use web beacons to manage technical issues that may arise as well as for monitoring the effectiveness of the headlines in certain emails or the ad banners that you receive from us.

IP Address

Your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address is an identifying number for a piece of network hardware/device (e.g., computer, printer, mobile device, or server) and is usually associated with the place from which you enter the internet. It is how devices find each other on a network. We may use your IP address to help diagnose problems with our servers, gather broad demographic information, gather geographic data, and administer our Sites. Should you decide to use this website, please be informed that your IP address may also be sent to servers outside of the European Community.

Tracking Requests

We do not act on, alter, or change our Site behaviour upon receiving Do Not Track requests from your browser.

6. How we keep your personal data safe?

We seek to take all reasonable and appropriate security measures to protect the personal data/information that we store from losses, misuse or unauthorised access. We will be doing this by having the appropriate technical security measures in place.
Please also be aware that we will also use third-party hosting & cloud storage ( – for domain name server and – for cloud hosting) providers for the data storage of the information we collect from you. These service providers have informed us that they apply security measures they consider adequate for the protection of information within their cloud & managed storage system. These include measures to deal with any suspected attempt at data breach. We also use Google Analytics to store cookies as indicated in our cookie policy, please click on the link to Cookie Policy to find out more in detail.

If you suspect there has been unauthorised access to your personal information please contact us immediately on at: by email to or by post to the Data Protection Officer, IRS International Recruitment Services GmbH, Gutleutstr. 169-171, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

7. Choices & Obligations

You can contact IRS at any stage to find out what personal data/information of yours it is we have on stored for you.

Please send a registered letter to us at the following address:

IRS International Recruitment Services GmbH, Data protection Officer
Garten Strasse 6, D-60594 Frankfurt am Main, Germany


You may contact us via email at:

8. Changes to our Privacy Policy

We at IRS may amend this Privacy Policy at any stage in the future, should this occur, you will be given notice through our services or by email. The changes will also be posted on this website. You will be given the opportunity to review the changes before they come into effective. If you disagree with any of the changes, you should ask for your details to be removed.

Should you continue using the IRS website and its services after we have published or sent you a notice about our changes to this privacy policy, this will be accepted that you have consented fully to the updated privacy policy.

9. Right to Withdraw Consent

You have the right to have your personal data/information removed at any stage. Should you choose to have your data removed from our database, you will no longer have access to any of the data/information which we provided under that account or profile name. All the information including search history, job preferences, alerts, your CV on IRS, and any other information related to that profile will be no longer accessible.

IRS reserves the right to keep any materials in a closed account as necessary to preserve and protect its rights as allowed by law (for example, to preserve records of a dispute) or to comply with its obligations under local law (for example, to keep an email address).

After your CV has been removed, it does not mean that all of the data is deleted from the IRS internal systems, although it will not be readily available under your account name. When you ask for your personal data/information to be removed, IRS will begin to process your request within 24 hours of receipt we will seek to deal with your request without undue delay but in any event in accordance with the requirements of any applicable laws. Please note that we may keep a record of your communications to help us resolve any issues which you raise.

10. Contact Us.

For any General Inquiries and Complaints You can write to us at the following address:

IRS International Recruitment Services GmbH,

Gartenstr. 6
60594 Frankfurt am Main, Germany


You may contact us via email at:

Accessibility of these Terms and Conditions on Data Protection

These privacy policies are accessible from any page of the IRS website or under this link privacy policy.