Permanent Recruitment

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It is critical to keep your expert within your company and the recruitment of internal specialists is paramount to the development of any organisation. If your objectives are to attract quality and enhance the internal knowledge of your in-house personnel, then we will supplement the recruiting efforts of your Human Resources Departments by sourcing candidates for direct employment.

From within our in-house recruitment centers and the international network we have in place, we will find, screen, qualified and test potential applicants for any specialist requirements you may have.

For certain countries, the responsibility for the applicant’s visas, housing, transport insurances etc. lies solely with you, our client, but it is critical to keep experts and their knowhow within.

Remember, with every person you permanently employ, an opportunity is created that will improve your company’s internal business objectives. The advantage of permanent recruitment is simple – talent stays in-house.

IRS will receive an agreed recruitment fee for this service.

Please do not hesitate to send us an enquiry with your permanent recruitment needs or to contact us should you be in need of any additional information with regards to this service.